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Sarah + Simon

We receive little messages from time to time from our couples who are a little worried about what would happen if it rained on their wedding day.

Well, if you've ever had a nagging feeling in the back of your mind similar to this then have a little read/watch below, it might just put all those worries aside...

Sarah and Simon had this very thought for their wedding over at Thornton Manor and sadly the weatherman was right. To say it rained is an understatement - it absolutely poured down all day. But despite this everyone had such a great time! 

Yes, it did rain, and we weren't able to go outside at all for footage but this has got to be one of our ultimate favourite films, and for that very reason. The colours, the rainy backdrop, the beautiful archways and doorways all made for some incredible footage and we couldn't be happier with how their film turned out, and neither could Sarah and Simon!

So next time you find yourself worrying and checking the weather forecast for the next 7 days leading up to your wedding just take a second and think - what will be will be, and it will be totally amazing! 

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