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What is a Highlights Trailer?

At Big Bear we're often asked what our highlights trailer is, as this comes as standard with our Gold and Platinum Packages we thought we’d go into a little more detail here on our blog. Our highlights trailers are simply a short film lasting approximately three to four minutes summarising some of the best moments of your day. We like to think of it as a great addition to your full feature legnth film that can be shared with friends and family via any form of social network you like, (let's not forget to mention of course showing off that dress girls!!)

In the traditional sense, trailers are created for big budget productions in order to build suspense for the full film and to act as an introduction. We love to create this sense of excitement for our couples by sharing your highlights trailer with you a few days prior to you receiving your full film. Our highlights trailers are short, captivating and suspenseful without revealing too much about your main film and we’ve had nothing but incredible feedback from all of our couples about each and every one.

So without going on anymore, we’d love you to get a feel for what we do by watching a couple of our highlights trailers below!

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