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What is a Wedding Cinematographer or Videographer?

At Big Bear we think of ourselves as Filmmakers and Cinematographers, we don’t just do this as a job, it’s our passion and our hobby. We like to think that we use the medium of film to tell stories in a creative way.

We use the term cinematography to express the fact that we create wedding films of a high quality with creative story telling elements. Often the term Wedding Videographer is used to describe a type of film making that is essentially a documentary style edit of your day with shaky camera work and little editing done to create the final piece. Wedding videography in this sense of the word simply doesn’t add a creative element to your video and makes less of an attempt to weave the story of your day into an entertaining film.

There is quite a difference between wedding cinematography and videography. Cinematography is essentially an art form that brings together beautiful camera work with creative story telling to give you a film that you would be proud to show friends and family, it’s the difference between something you’d display on a shelf and something you’d archive in a cupboard.

It goes without saying that as well as having the years of experience required to produce such films at Big Bear, we also use some of the best tools on the market to produce a cinematic look for each film we create such as sliders, steadicams, fluid head tripods and not to forget that all important crisp audio which we record via wireless radio mics.

I’d just like to point out that the intention of this blog post isn’t to say that there is anything wrong with wedding videography as it does definitely serve a purpose, however, this is simply our attempt to let you guys know there is a difference between the two, and we pride ourselves on this.

Throughout our website we often use the terms videographer and cinematographer interchangeably as is the case throughout the industry, this isn’t in any way to deceive our couples but we simply use this as a tool for search engines to pick us up and to make couples aware of the creative, engaging and high quality films we consistently produce.

So, why not let the story of your day be told in the best way possible?

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