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The ‘Let’s Have A Chat About Your Wedding Day Over A Decent Coffee' Form.

On this fine Friday afternoon, I thought I’d write a little blog discussing what to expect when having a consultation for your big day with us!

Once having booked us for your wedding day, we ask our couples to fill in a consultation form. Your consultation form holds the most important pieces of information. It’s the one single thing that we make sure is filled in, edited and finalised before we begin filming your big day. To be honest, we think the word ‘consultation’ is a little serious, we’d much prefer to call it the ‘Let’s Have A Chat About Your Wedding Day Over A Decent Coffee, Form’ but we don’t think it has the same chime to it…

Now we know that planning everything for your big day can be stressful and can sometimes feel as if you’ve a million and one things to do, BUT help is here when it comes to making sure that all those beautiful, thought out details you’ve been planning for months and months (if not years) are uniquely captured in YOUR way and no one else’s.

Before we started Big Bear Wedding Films, we sat down and decided that it’s of the upmost paramount that we got to know our couples before we even began to think about filming their day. We jotted down different ideas and compiled questions that we thought would deliver the best answers for what you’re expecting to be captured beautifully on film. We wanted to ensure that each and every question gathered enough information so that we completely understood the running order of the day, not to mention gain a clear understanding of your expectations of us.

After bouncing back ideas, we concluded with a clear and concise consultation form that we know holds all the important information we need to ensure we capture every single detail on your wedding day. Many couples even find that having filled in their consultation form, they feel more organised and have something that they are able to look back over to help with other running’s of their day! So it’s a win win! :)

We understand that alongside planning your wedding, many of you work full time, have children or are just very busy people, so we’ve made it even easier for you to fill this form in. We love meeting with our couples and tend to find that filling in the form together over a coffee is the simplest way, however for your convenience, we don’t mind at all if you fill this in at home in your own time or discussed it over the phone where one of our team can fill it in for you – it’s entirely up to you and doesn’t take long at all :)

So there you have it, just a simple blog letting you know how each and every single film we create is carefully constructed and heartfelt, and that our ‘Lets Have a Chat About Your Wedding Day Over A Decent Coffee, Form’ ensures each and every single film we create is totally special and completely unique to you.

Have a wonderful day!

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