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At Big Bear there's only the two of us and we love it that way (yes we're a couple, we get asked all the time!)


Each wedding film we create is shot by us. Our backgrounds are from the film and television world having worked on various feature films, dramas and documentaries but we've found that creating truly cinematic, emotive and visually stunning wedding films is what does it for us. The reason being is because not only do we love creating something amazing, we absolutely adore creating memories that you can treasure forever in a timeless film and we take tremendous pride in doing so.

A cool fact...we've even won a Royal Television Society Award for our involvement in film!

So why Big Bear Wedding Films? Well, in order to film a wedding in the most creative and professional way, it's pretty tough. By this we mean no camera shaking, no crazy random zooms or out of focus shots and zero dodgy audio. We mean stylish, cinematic and smooth shots along with clear, crisp audio. Your wedding is a day where things can't be done twice and our methodology of filming hundreds of weddings over the years has been fine tuned to say the least.

The approach we take as wedding videographers is to capture who you are as a couple. We'll never direct you or tell you what to do, instead we simply capture the amazing and natural moments of the day. Our couples always mention how well we fit in on their day as we get our best shots when you don't even know we're filming. Take a peek at our highlights films - we bet you that you can't see our bride and groom ever looking at the camera!

We know just how fast technology changes and so we change with it. When it comes to capturing your wedding film, we use multiple cameras and professional production equipment like that found on any film set including a Steadicam which enables us to create incredible camera movement and beautiful motion for your film. We also use professional audio equipment as we believe perfectly crisp audio is just as important as beautiful visuals.


We craft each wedding film to you, and only you. So it's no problem if you're camera shy or if you're camera confident, we have a deep understanding of how to capture and personalise each film to your needs creating a timeless, heartfelt piece. 

Feel free to see what our past couples have to say about us over on our facebook page and above all, contact us with any queries, big or small. We'd love to hear from you!





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